Our Products

  • Hair Mask

    Our hair masks are a combination of herbs, natural extract of leaves, seeds and different oils some are standard and some are customised according to the requirements of the problem. Benefits of the hair mask prevent hair fall, dandruff gives the freedom from scalp problems ,thinness and lust free hair. 500 View Products
  • Organic Skin Booster

    1.Acorus calamus 2.Almonds 3. Saffron 4. Lodh 5. Sandal powder 6.Orange and other fruits peel with effective some secret herbs to clear the spots. Retail Price:  400 450 View Products
  • Insta Glow Face Pack

    Different kind of dry flowers With special secret ingredient of the transform naturally . Retail Price:  400 450 View Products
  • Acne Face Pack

    Acne pack ingredients in Hindi Bach, manjistha, yasthimadhu, tulsi, long, jaiphal, calamine and other ingredients. Acne pack ingredients in English Acorus calamus, Indian madder, liquorice, basil leaves, cloves, nutmeg. calamine and combination of other herbs. Retail Price:  400 450 View Products
  • Herbal Powder

    1. Cumin seeds 2.carom seeds 3.Fenugreek seeds 4.Nigella Sativa 5.Anise 6. Harad 7. Triphala 8.Psyllium husk and a combination of other ingredients. 500 View Products
  • Pain Reliever Oil

    1. Five-leavedchaste tree Hindi Name. Nirgundi 2.Alpinia Galanga. Hindi Name Rasna 3. Eagle marmelo. Dashmool 4.Pterocarpus marsupium Hindi name Vijaysaar 5.Desmodium gangeticum 250 View Products
  • Herb in One

    Reusable herbs Hair care 1200 View Products
  • Skin Nourisher

    Skin Nourisher Retail Price:  400 450 View Products
  • Lohadri Face Pack

    Lohadri Face Pack Retail Price:  400 450 View Products
  • Immunity Booster Kadha

    Immunity Booster Kadha 220 View Products
  • Pure Tea

    1. Oolong Tea 2.Cassia Angustifolia. 3.Garcinia Combogia 4.Pappermint 5.Apium Graveollns 7. Lemon grass and other ingredients. 500 View Products
  • Buttermilk

    Buttermilk 300 View Products
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