About Us

Transform Naturally is an Ayurvedic medicine & Natural consumer product manufacturer. We operate in key consumer product categories like Hair Care, Health Care, Skin Care and Body Care. It is headed by Dr. Jyotsna Gandhi who is passionate to make us healthy & fit through natural alternative therapies with amalgamation of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure & Reiki.

Our self-aid products are 100% authentic and ensures our customers that the products are safe, non-toxic and highly effective for long term use. Our dream is to offer wellness in every home through our herbal healthcare knowledge and personal care products. Every ingredient that we incorporate in our products is exclusively mixed for a specific therapeutic reason only. We believe in power of nature which you will gradually feel and see after consulting ‘Transform Naturally’.

In addition to creating organic products that give noticeable results, we likewise give customised Therapeutic Diet according to the illness and prerequisites.


  1. To deliver genuine organic products to our consumers.
  2. To offer wellness in every home ( no matter what age) through our herbal healthcare and personal care products.
  3. To not only help maintain a healthy lifestyle but also promote the encompassing prosperity of mind and body.
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